Cooking with Confidence....

Simplified versions of everyday recipes - for ANYONE wishing to learn to cook.

At Easy Spoonfuls I am passionate about helping you learn to cook tasty homemade food – the easy way.

Many people find conventional recipes overwhelming and stressful.  My proven method helps simplify the cooking process by focusing on one task at a time.

I show you, in step by step photographed stages, how to prepare, then cook, simple ingredients that all finish together.  In no time at all you will be able to produce complete meals, as I weave the instructions for the side dishes into the main recipe. The same method also helps you produce amazing breakfasts, soups, puddings, cakes and biscuits.

With Easy Spoonfuls you will discover how cooking becomes a simple process that when broken down into easy, manageable steps will give you greater confidence and ability in the kitchen.

Hello!  I am Sue Ingram and I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful New Forest in the South of England with my husband, son and occasionally our daughter when she isn’t teaching English to Italians!  Charlie and George, our very bouncy cocker spaniels are the New Forest’s biggest fans.

I have been an enthusiastic home cook for over 37 years and just worked out that I have produced over 51,120 meals in that time.  Seriously – that is a lot of hot dinners!!!

I haven’t always been as comfortable in the kitchen as I am now.  I am old enough to have been taught the basics of cooking during Home Economics lessons at school but that doesn’t help much when you find yourself in your own kitchen and everything has to somehow all finish at the same time – that’s stressful!

So….with over 50,000 meals under my belt and masses of experience with creating simple systems for others I decided to recreate our favourite family recipes.  They had to contain only essential information but with consistent instructions for Richard, our Autistic son, to be able to follow on his own.

I cannot tell you how thrilling it was the first time we were proudly served pancakes by Richard – he needed no other guidance or support in the kitchen apart from my step by step recipe.  He has since gone on to create complete meals on his own and is totally thrilled each time he does – every meal appearing on Facebook for others to admire!

I passionately believe that everyone should be able to experience this feeling of accomplishment, allowing them to grow in confidence and gain valuable life skills. I soon realised that this unique way of presenting information would benefit many others and so Easy Spoonfuls was born!

I am thrilled to have helped so many people learn to cook with confidence.


  • People on the Autistic spectrum who cannot cope with information overload.
  • Wives who now have husbands who actually enjoy cooking the evening meal!
  • Parents who discovered a foolproof way to produce the family meals.
  • Students who realised they needed to quickly learn how to create tasty, good value food.
  • Young people who have recently set up home for the first time.
  • People who sadly find themselves on their own but want to continue eating home made food.
  • Parents and Grandparents who discovered how to have fun with the children in the kitchen.
  • Retired people who now have the time to spend learning how to cook.

My mission is to enable as many people as possible to reach their full potential in the kitchen. 

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Just knowing where to start….



  • I start with the basics, such as how to poach an egg and progress to a full roast dinner with yorkshire puddings and homemade gravy.  This allows you to grow in confidence, at your own pace.
  • In-depth tutorials to teach you the most common kitchen skills.  Basic skills such as how to chop an onion or prepare fresh garlic, as well as close up videos showing you exactly how to whisk, beat, chop etc.
  • You have access to useful Hints and Tips and Information on the essentials of cooking as well as freezing foods, preparing meat and fish safely and saving time in the kitchen.
Following recipes in books which are so confusing…



  • Each recipe has clear short step by step instructions, each accompanied by a colour photograph.
  • Each step is clearly set out using repeated icons and only necessary wording.
  • There are short video’s showing you exactly how to beat, whip and fold  – as well as many others techniques.
  • Many recipes have 34 steps – so the information is given to you a little at a time – you will not feel overwhelmed.
  • The ingredients are listed at the top but also repeated within the recipe so you don’t need to cross reference all the time.
  • Each recipe has instructions for how, or even if, you should store the completed recipe.
  • There are also other recipe suggestions that will work together with your chosen recipe.
Knowing what all those strange sounding ingredients are…


  • Each section has a list of ingredients used and a brief description about them.
  • Each ingredient is separated into Store Cupboard, Fridge and Freezer.
  • All of the ingredients are available in your local supermarket – you will have no difficulty finding them.
Deciding which utensils are necessary – or even what they look like…



  • I have created recipes that only use basic utensils.  A chopping board, knife and saucepan appear a lot!
  • A photographed list of all the utensils is provided.
  • The only electrical equipment on the list is a hand held blender – but even that is optional.
Cooking two or more things at the same time….


  • There is no multi-tasking as such – you are gently guided through the whole process without having to worry about going back and rereading the recipe to find what you need to do next.
  • If you are instructed to place something in the oven then an icon may follow, along with the word ‘meanwhile’ and the next step is explained.  When you need to attend to the item in the oven I tell you.
  • I even tell you when to place a saucepan lid on and when to remove it.  You just follow the steps and nothing is left for you guess at – if I don’t tell you to do it then you don’t need to!
Timing the components of a meal to all finish at the same time….



  • There are many complete meals, such as curry and rice, with the rice instructions interwoven through the main recipe so both the curry and the rice finish together.
  • I have also provided recipes which combine individual components – such as Sausages, Mashed Potatoes, Onion Gravy and Vegetables – so you have all the timings and instructions, without the need to work it out yourself.
  • As you grow in confidence there is a printable template available, enabling you to work out the timings of your own choice of components. You will therefore be able to create any combination of main item, vegetables or accompaniment so that they all finish cooking at the same time. This is the area most recipe books don’t address and can be so difficult to master.
Asking for help when stuck….


  • Please do feel free to contact us by email – we would love to help you out!
  • There is a support group on Facebook coming soon for you to ask questions.  As your confidence grows you may find that you are happy to help support others who are just starting to cook!
  • We also love to see your creations and hear your wonderful success stories so please do share these in the Facebook Group as well.
Believing in your ability to follow these recipes....



  • All the recipes have been checked by people who were totally new to cooking and are now thrilled that they can make their own delicious food.
  • The recipes are laid out in a unique way which allows you to gain in confidence knowing that the next step will tell you exactly what you need to do.
  • I also show you what to do if things occasionally do go wrong –  I managed to make a lumpy cheese sauce after 35 years of cooking so I created a step by step tutorial showing how I rescued it!
  • I would love you to experience the unique layout of these recipes before making a commitment.  All you need to do is fill in your email address in the freebies section and look forward to receiving all the information needed to successfully create a complete meal, without any stress or feeling of overwhem.