I love a complicated recipe…

…said no one, EVER.

So I simplified cooking and baking.

I do love to visit a nice tea shop for coffee and cake

Hello!  I’m Sue Ingram and I created Easy Spoonfuls for you.

I have researched, developed, and fully tested an approach that banishes complicated and confusing recipes.


I have always been a very enthusiastic home cook. 
I am at my happiest with friends sat around our table, eating and laughing.  

A semi interesting fact: I’ve just calculated that during the past 38 years I’ve produced over 51,780 meals.  

Seriously….that is a lot of hot dinners!

AND I don’t only cook for humans….

About 5 years ago I helped our son set up a business, baking dog treats.  Richard is Autistic and needed recipes that left no room for confusion or misunderstanding.  

Patience and a flair for simplifying complicated tasks were called for. 

Mum to the rescue….

As Richard’s business grew so did his confidence and he wanted to prepare his own meals.

Using the same process I’d used to create the dog treat recipes I converted some of our favourite family recipes into simple step-by-step instructions for him to follow. 

Phil, my novice chef of a husband, was promoted to Chief Recipe Tester and now both he and Richard love cooking. 

Richard is thrilled with his achievements; every creation appearing on Facebook for others to admire.

A friend commented that there must be many others who would benefit from these simplified versions of recipes.  



I spent over 2 years researching and creating the recipe layout and system.  I had an amazing group of testers, including autistic people, husbands and children, who were keen to begin cooking independently.  We all interpret information differently and they provided valuable feedback which helped me create a system that works beautifully.   

I am now proud to say that…

I teach complete beginners how to create everyday meals and bakes so they feel amazingly confident in the kitchen.


  • There can be so much ‘noise’ in conventional recipes, to simplify things I use the minimum of words as well as icons to replace repetitive phrases.  
  • Every step contains a photograph.
  • I have created lots of short videos showing you simple techniques.
  • I don’t use fancy props, just an overview shot or video to reinforce the step you are working on. 
  • Multi-tasking can be the most scary part of cooking so I weave the instructions for the side dishes into each complete meal recipe. Meaning everything finishes together. 
  • Each recipe flows beautifully with as little wasted time as possible.

I can’t tell you how thrilling it is when I hear someone’s success story.

I understand exactly what it means to them.  The huge sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from creating and sharing a delicious meal with others is priceless.

This is what keeps me excited about Easy Spoonfuls.