Christmas Cake Recipe Fundraiser

When I posted on my Facebook page that my husband had made the Christmas Cake this year a lady commented that now she is retired she wanted to make hers that week and that she would be sure to follow my recipe.  This encouraged me to convert the recipe into the simple step-by-step process that Easy Spoonfuls is known for.  I sent the recipe to Joy for testing and this was the wonderful message I got back from her.

Christmas cake just out the oven. Made by Violet 12, Emily 8, and assisted by Jack 3. They made it with gluten free flour and non dairy spread because of family allergies.  There were a couple of things I noted whilst they were making the cake and they only asked me one question. The rest of the time I left them to it! They took from 3:00 until 4:50 to make it!! I will send my comments tomorrow if that is ok. Thank you!


Nan to Violet, Emily and Jack

I then had the idea of offering this Christmas Cake recipe as a fund-raiser for Children in Need.  Children can follow this recipe but adults will find it very straightforward too!

The trouble was I couldn't just give you the recipe – you needed to know how the recipe is set out and all the additional information that makes it a complete course on it's own.  So this has grown!

It is now a complete course on how to make a Christmas Cake with ease. In addition to the detailed 48 step Christmas Cake recipe there are also 11 supporting  information sheets as well as How-To videos.

You will not be disappointed – and you get to help Children in Need in the process!

Hi… I'm Sue and I take everyday family recipes and translate them into simple, step-by-step instructions so anyone can cook with confidence and ease.

I spent two years developing and fully testing an approach that banishes complicated confusing recipes and makes cooking simple.


Hints and Tips when you start, reminders and explanations of terms.

 A detailed Recipe Layout Explanation

I use icons to reduce the number of repeated words in a recipe.  I have included a detailed explanation of these icons/symbols.

A detailed explanation of how to use the utensils and ingredients listings.

A page of generally helpful information, hints and tips.

A photographed list of all ingredients and utensils needed so you have a visual reference, not just a typed list.

A detailed ‘recipe' of How to line the tin – with photographs of each stage.

Detailed photographed explanation of how to Zest (and juice) a Lemon and Orange.

I even cover the basics of how to successfully crack an egg and if necessary how to remove pieces of broken shell.  Nothing is assumed.

The Christmas Cake Recipe is neatly separated into what has to be done the night before (soaking the dried fruit) and then continues with what you need to do on Baking Day.

There are a total of 48 photographed steps in the recipe. The idea is not to overwhelm you but lead you by the hand from beginning to end without you wondering if you missed anything along the way.




It follows a clear, concise, logical path.  No one wants to be flitting backwards and forwards checking if a vital step has been missed.


It is so easy to lose your place, and flow, each time you weigh an item.  To prevent this I have repeated the ingredient amounts within each photographed step.


There are short videos showing how to cream butter and sugar, how to fold in the flour and safely chop glace cherries.  Plus there is an additional photographed list of the simple utensils and ingredients needed – making preparation easy.



Not everyone has access too, or the room for, a mixer or other fancy gadgets.  The only ‘gadgets' I use are kitchen scales and a timer (your phone!).



There are detailed explanation   sheets, showing you how to line a baking pan, how to successfully crack eggs and zesting a lemon and orange. 

Nothing is assumed.

Are You Ready...

Click below for lifetime access to the most detailed Christmas Cake recipe EVER! A super detailed, step-by-step photographed recipe that assumes nothing and delivers high on success.

Includes all the information needed to enable you and even the younger members of your family to create one of the stars of your Christmas table. 

I promise to send £2 to Children In Need for every recipe sold.  




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