A Simple Step-by-Step Recipe System

Do you want to learn to cook?

Does a regular recipe book leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused?

Would you like to try a simpler, more methodical and interactive approach to cooking?

You may have found that regular recipe books are often stressful and intimidating.

This is particularly true if you have difficulty focussing, processing information, or multi-tasking.

You are not alone

There are many people who find regular style recipes too challenging.  All too often their efforts end in tears rather than triumph.

Cooking is good for the soul, as well as for building confidence, independence and self-esteem.
So I want to make it accessible for all
“‘The instructions are clear, concise and not over complicated. Since retiring I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions in the kitchen and I would highly recommend others trying these recipes out!” Alwyn

Happily Retired!

We all want to experience praise and encouragement. Somehow sharing homemade bakes with others does that.  But how can you make something deliciously tasty when a regular recipe leaves you feeling lost? 


I have researched, developed, and fully tested an approach that banishes complicated confusing recipes and makes cooking simple.

Our son Richard showing off his ‘Star Baker' chef's hat.
Hi… I'm Sue and I created Easy Spoonfuls as my Autistic son loved helping alongside me in the kitchen but wasn’t confident enough to tackle a complete meal or bake on his own.  There were just so many things for him to remember and I found I was automatically jumping in and doing some of those things for him.   Having an overview of what needs doing comes with experience, and sometimes trial and error, but Richard would get too upset if something went wrong.  He needed a recipe layout that would take him from choosing a recipe to serving it up to us with no ambiguity along the way. 
I decided to use my 38 years of experience in the kitchen, as well as a love of simplifying complicated tasks for others, and created all our favourite family recipes in a format Richard could follow.   
“The recipes have really helped Violets' confidence and she has been so excited to bake for family members explaining she did it all on her own. She has become very independent and confident with cooking now – never too young to learn!” Martina

Mum to Violet

All my recipes are structured in exactly the same way.  Each one created with my signature step-by-step photographed layout – they can contain up to 24 super simple steps.

I've created a video to give you a guided tour around the Just Baking course.

Below is a screen shot of part of the Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe to show you how detailed and straightforward the instructions are.

Just Baking includes 5 detailed step-by-step explanations titled: Start Here: Recipe Layout Explanation: What do the Symbols Mean: What do I Need: (Details on Utensils and Ingredients) as well as Helpful Information.  Plus a section on how to Freeze Baked Goods:

Then these 12 delicious recipes to make for your friends and family.  There is something to suit everyone with a variety of childhood favourites as well as more grown-up bakes.  



Each recipe follows a clear, concise, logical path.  No one wants to be flitting backwards and forwards checking if a vital step has been missed.


It is so easy to lose your place, and flow, each time you weigh an item.  To prevent this I have repeated the ingredient amounts within each photographed step.


There are short videos showing how to carry out certain tasks.  Plus each recipe has an additional photographed list of the simple utensils and ingredients needed – making preparation easy.


Not everyone has access too, or the room for, a mixer or other fancy gadgets.  The only ‘gadgets' I use are kitchen scales and a timer (your phone!)  Plus you will only need 3 types of baking tins to create all the recipes.


There are lots of Informations Sheets, such as how to line a baking pan or separate eggs.

Nothing is assumed.


If you aren't sure about freezing your bakes I have created a comprehensive guide which explains what to do in the highly unlikely event of you having left over goodies!

Are You Ready...

Click below for lifetime access to 12 super detailed, step-by-step photographed recipes that assume nothing and deliver high on success.

Includes all the information needed to enable you to start calmly and confidently baking today.

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Fill in your user name/email address and then the password you completed during the sign up process.   

Once logged in to the Members Area click on the Just Baking square and you will be taken to all the yummy content. 

Do you offer a money back guarantee?
Yes – for a full 14 days after purchase.  I want you to be delighted with the content.  If at any stage you find yourself with questions please send me a message and I will do my best to help.  If you still aren't happy then send an email for a full, no quibble refund.
Can I download the recipes?
If you don’t have access to a phone or tablet in the kitchen you can download and print the pages.  Please note you are only entitled to download and print the content for your own personal use. Thank you!
How long do I have access to the content for?
How about Lifetime Access!  You can refer back to the course anytime you wish – it will always be available to you.
“Emilia is 6. She found the recipe very easy to follow – reading the instructions, recognising equipment and measuring ingredients. Then, with just a little help from nanny, she was able to make the peanut cookies. Her favourite part was rolling the balls in sugar and pressing them down with the fork.” Sue

Nanny to Emilia


So….if you have difficult focussing and processing information then you need Just Baking in your life.

Get instant access to 12 super simple step-by-step recipes as well as supporting guides and information when you buy the Just Baking package.

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