Our Success Stories!

Emilia is 6. She found the recipe very easy to follow – reading the instructions, recognising equipment and measuring ingredients. Then, with just a little help from nanny, she was able to make the peanut cookies. Her favourite part was rolling the balls in sugar and pressing them down with the fork.

Sue M

Nanny to Emilia!

‘I love the concept of this Cookery Club which is aimed at the inexperienced or not so confident cook. The instructions are clear, concise and not over complicated, with a varied range of recipes for the novice cook.  Since retiring I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions in the kitchen and I would highly recommend others trying these recipes out!’

Alwyn C.

Fabrication Technician, now happily retired!

Easy Spoonfuls is a must for all people who find cooking difficult and l consider myself in that category.
The recipes are so easy to follow and you don’t need a cupboard full of crazy ingredients to create delicious fresh food.  I have never seen recipes before that have the timings and each step so clearly laid from beginning to end.  For me, getting everything dished up on time is a real achievement.
I love the pictures, they bring the cooking to life and at the bottom of each page a handy reference so you can create your own recipe combinations .  Friends and family have been amazed at my efforts and have really enjoyed seeing my confidence grow in the kitchen.
The Cookery Club will not disappoint you, with normal recipes the meal doesn’t always match the picture but l promise you this won’t be the case with ‘Easy Spoonfuls’.
Happy cooking!
Angie P.

Office Adminstrator

As a child growing up I was a tomboy with no interest in being in the kitchen! My sisters on the other hand were very keen to cook and bake and spent a lot of time in the kitchen with Mum. Hence I grew up with no knowledge, no skills, no experience and no confidence in the kitchen! I have lived reliant on jars and packets … always just making do. Later in life the realisation that jars and packets are not healthy had made me reconsider my eating habits and venture into the kitchen. This was however with little success as most recipe books assume a fair amount of knowledge of ingredients, preparation and cooking methods. Most books were full of ingredients that I had never heard of and preparation terminology that I had to look up to even know what I was supposed to try and do!!! I also found a lot of multi-tasking involved and lacking confidence doing more than one thing at the same time with a timer ticking down was a sure way to get me flustered … and give up!!! Easy Spoonfuls was exactly what I needed!!! I had the information I needed about the ingredients, including guidance on what to buy at the supermarket. Suggestions on accompaniments (instead of broccoli with everything)! Guidance on ingredient preparation – especially helpful for unfamiliar ingredients. No multi-tasking therefore no stress in the kitchen and pictures at every step to reassure me I had got it right. Finally, I had prepared healthy family friendly meals that I was proud of, and actually enjoyed my time in the kitchen!!! My husband and daughter enjoyed the meals, and I was even brave enough to cook for my Mum when she came to stay for a week! Thank You Easy Spoonfuls.

Clare Campbell

Nurse Manager, National Health Service